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Costa Blanca with her pearl Jávea

Step one

Location, location, location...

When you have decided to buy or build a house at the Costa Blanca, the aspect that counts the most is the location. And choosing the most appropriate one is not as easy as you might initially think. There are many aspects you should take into consideration and many factors you must analyze, like views, area, sun, winter, summer, etc. Therefore, understanding from the beginning the importance of a great location is primordial!
For over 25 years, we have sourced, negotiated, and secured properties on behalf of our clients, acquiring private residences, second homes, or properties for investment. The basis of our success is expertise and trust. Medlux Estates has unparalleled specialist knowledge of the Costa Blanca property market, an extensive network of contacts, and many happy clients who are enjoying the Costa Blanca life in their dream villa.

We know this place as the palm of our hands

We'll help you to find the right place to stay

Legal advice

Once we found your perfect location, our legal department steps in.

Before initiating a real estate transaction, however small it may be, it is absolutely essential that research is undertaken into the legal status of the property that you wish to acquire.

This analysis provides us with information about the ideal location, the condition of the property, land, plot, business premises, shopping center, hotel or house to be purchased.

Our lawyers are ready to represent you in all legal processes.

- We contact the seller or his legal representative.

- We prepare the signature of the power of attorney at the notary.

- We take care of obtaining and checking the legal documentation of the property.

- We check the data of the property registration and the land register.

- We request city reports.

- We make sure you have bank guarantees for transactions.

- We recommend a bank to open a bank account in Spain.

During the real estate transaction

- Our administrative staff will provide you with an NIE (Foreigners Tax Identification Number).

- We apply for registration at the tax office

- We prepare the sales contract in the languages of the buyer and seller.

- We organise the signature payments at the notary.

- At the notary we can sign on your behalf

Medlux Estates allows you to buy your property without leaving home.

Signing a power of attorney saves you valuable time and is very efficient. Please get in touch with us if you want to know more.

Milton Cardona

ML2768 Villa Natur451
Villa Natur
Jávea € 830.000
Bedroom 3 Bathroom 3 House Squaremeter 692 m 2 Plot Squaremeter 1.697 m 2
ML2767 Apartamento Gaia 2023 03 17 at 12 40 24
Apartamento Gaia
Jávea € 395.000
Bedroom 3 Bathroom 2 House Squaremeter 180 m 2 Plot Squaremeter 0 m 2
ML2765 Villa Arbolada63e62d3e02ccc source
Villa La Arbolada
Jávea € 715.000
Bedroom 8 Bathroom 5 House Squaremeter 340 m 2 Plot Squaremeter 2.300 m 2
ML2762 Villa Sanna 02
Villa Sanna
Jávea € 595.000
Bedroom 3 Bathroom 2 House Squaremeter 136 m 2 Plot Squaremeter 1.600 m 2
ML2761 Villa Jesus Pobre 91 Medium 1200x768
Villa Montagne
Jesus Pobre € 749.000
Bedroom 3 Bathroom 3 House Squaremeter 203 m 2 Plot Squaremeter 1.790 m 2
ML2760 Villa Tarraula 31241
Villa Libertad
Jávea € 1.450.000
Bedroom 7 Bathroom 7 House Squaremeter 602 m 2 Plot Squaremeter 10.642 m 2