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Designing your house

Step two

Our architects start with the design of your house

When you find the perfect location, and you decide to build or to renovate, you will meet one of our architects. For each and every project we set up a project team with designers, a project manager and a technical team. If you prefer also an interior designer will get involved from the beginning. This team ensures you to get the best design and effective supervision of the process, starting from the design concept to the delivery of your dream villa.
Our knowledge, experience and intuition will develop and deliver designs that will surprise and impress you. In all projects, we start from scratch and we avoid beaten paths. We invest a lot of time in researching and developing the design that fits the project specifications and matches your needs.

They create the dreams for many

Meet our architects

  • Riccardo Galandrini


    Riccardo Galandrini

    Graduated both in Buildings Enginery and Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Ancona, Italy. Riccardo has extensive experience managing and controlling technical details and executing works, mixing these abilities with graphic and design skills. He proficiently speaks English, Italian, and Spanish. His technical knowledge and passion for his job guarantee an excellent service in putting together customer needs and construction site requirements.

  • Rafael Almazan Senior


    Rafael Vicente-Almazán Pérez de Petinto

    Architect with great experience and extensive knowledge of the Administration, urban regulations, and local technicians. His extensive knowledge of him and his more than 40 years of professional development gives added value to the projects.

  • Rafael Almazan Junior


    Rafael Vicente-Almazán Gallardo

    Young, creative architect, with ideas and great management of multiple tools for the complete development of projects from their ideation, to their graphic and visual representation. Great capacity for teamwork and technical direction.

  • Pedro Duro

    Technical architect

    Pedro Duro

    Pedro Duro graduated in Technical Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Madrid with collegiate number 4053, from COAATIE (College of Technical Architects of Alicante). Pedro is a Technical Architect, surveyor, energy certifier. Expert in execution and management of residential and luxury housing construction works, renovation, and rehabilitation works.

  • Demetrio Mosquera

    Technical architect

    Demetrio Mosquera

    Demetrio Mosquera graduated in Technical Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Valencia with collegiate number 4547, from COAATIE (College of Technical Architects of Alicante). Demetrio has extensive experience in managing and controlling the execution of works, both new construction, and comprehensive reforms. His work methodology guarantees exhaustive monitoring and control that allows optimizing resources and delivery dates.

Properties that can't wait to be reformed by them
ML2533 villa balconalmar 12
Villa Dabi
Jávea € 475.000
3 3 145 m 2 735 m 2
ML2612 villa denia 01
Villa Arregui
Denia € 550.000
4 3 371 m 2 913 m 2
ML2202 villa piver 13
Villa Aria
Jávea € 699.000
3 2 195 m 2 1.043 m 2
ML2587 villa jesuspobre 16
Villa Micay
Jesus Pobre € 530.000
4 3 257 m 2 2.500 m 2
ML2598 villa adsubia 16
Villa Uster
Jávea € 365.000
3 2 120 m 2 670 m 2
ML2367 apartament montanar 02
Apartament Venecia
Jávea € 449.000
3 2 100 m 2 100 m 2