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The process from A-Z

We understand that building or renovating a villa in Spain is a complex matter. We know that like no other. We have over 25 years of experience in all processes and procedures, finding houses, realising projects, renovations and new builds. That is why we find it important to provide you with the best possible service. To achieve this, we have realised a total concept. With this concept, we take care of the entire project for you from the beginning till the end...
From finding a house or plot, checking whether the house is legal, designing the house, applying for permits, building the house and aftercare until well after completion. Our company has all kinds of specialists in-house such as architects, construction planners, technical staff, lawyers etc. These professionals are selected based on your wishes and requirements. In this way, the entire process of renovating or building your villa takes place under professional supervision.

The Process steps

We will guide you from the beginning to the end.


Location location!

First, we find with you, your dream house or plot.


The legal department comes in.

Our in house lawfirm will arrange the Legal procedures (NIE Number etc).


Let our architects start their creativity.

After we found the perfect house/location one of our Medlux architects will design your unique dream villa (renovation or new build).


The paperwork, boring but needed.

In the meantime we will take care of the Permits, technical certificates, town planning and legal reports.

Interior design

Interior design

If you want to have your interior designed by one of our top interior designers, now is the time to get them involved.


Time to get our calculators.

Calculation of the construction with our Medlux construction company.

Safety helmet

Grap your yellow safety helmet.

Start of the renovation or new build construction


Time is money.

Our Project manager will control the whole Project, process, deadlines and costs.


Cava time!

Your Dream house is ready and now you can enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle.



Medlux Estate understands that you want to enjoy the easy life. That is why we offer many services that will help you to achieve this.

ML2768 Villa Natur451
Villa Natur
Jávea € 830.000
Bedroom 3 Bathroom 3 House Squaremeter 692 m 2 Plot Squaremeter 1.697 m 2
ML2767 Apartamento Gaia 2023 03 17 at 12 40 24
Apartamento Gaia
Jávea € 395.000
Bedroom 3 Bathroom 2 House Squaremeter 180 m 2 Plot Squaremeter 0 m 2
ML2765 Villa Arbolada63e62d3e02ccc source
Villa La Arbolada
Jávea € 715.000
Bedroom 8 Bathroom 5 House Squaremeter 340 m 2 Plot Squaremeter 2.300 m 2
ML2762 Villa Sanna 02
Villa Sanna
Jávea € 595.000
Bedroom 3 Bathroom 2 House Squaremeter 136 m 2 Plot Squaremeter 1.600 m 2
ML2761 Villa Jesus Pobre 91 Medium 1200x768
Villa Montagne
Jesus Pobre € 749.000
Bedroom 3 Bathroom 3 House Squaremeter 203 m 2 Plot Squaremeter 1.790 m 2
ML2760 Villa Tarraula 31241
Villa Libertad
Jávea € 1.450.000
Bedroom 7 Bathroom 7 House Squaremeter 602 m 2 Plot Squaremeter 10.642 m 2
Latest sold houses
ML2550 villa castellans 07
Villa Valais
Jávea Too late
4 3 380 m 2 1.750 m 2
ML2624 villa costanova 04
Villa Namaste
Jávea Too late
3 3 150 m 2 830 m 2
ML2137 villa laslomasdelrey 01
Casa Siroco
Jávea Too late
3 3 250 m 2 1.000 m 2
ML2129 villa laslomasdelrey 01
Casa Garbí
Jávea Too late
3 3 250 m 2 1.000 m 2
ML2130 villa granadella 11
Villa Jade
Jávea Too late
5 5 438 m 2 1.200 m 2
ML2280 villa tosalet 14
Villa Begonia
Jávea Too late
3 2 146 m 2 1.190 m 2
ML2111 villa fincalasviñas 04
Casa la Finca
Jávea Too late
4 4 420 m 2 1.600 m 2
ML2135 villa laslomasdelrey 08
El Bosque
Jávea Too late
3 3 300 m 2 1.000 m 2
ML2120 villa puchol 17
Villa Perla
Jávea Too late
5 5 415 m 2 950 m 2