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Create your dreams

by Thomas de Gier

Thomas de Gier | Interiordesigner

We at Medlux Estates are very pleased to introduce you to Thomas de Gier. Thomas is a young talented interior designer who learned the tricks of the trade under the wings of Eric Kuster. His style is clearly recognizable. Luxury and glamour with great attention to detail.
It is also for this reason that we think Thomas de Gier is a great addition to our projects. Together with Medlux Estates, he is able to create your dream. To make your villa a warm, contrasting, and dynamic living environment. So that your house becomes a home.

Thomas has developed a design process that works best for both designer and client

Thomas likes to be involved early on in the design process so that he can discuss everything in detail with the client before any executing parties are approached and showrooms are visited. In recent years, Thomas has developed his 'own' design process, which works best for both the designer and the client.

This design process has proven itself and guarantees a successful end result. The process consists of three phases in which the client is relieved of all worries during the preliminary phase, but in which there is always communication at important moments.

The most ideal moment is when Thomas can be engaged before Medlux Estates starts with the renovation or construction of your new villa. At that time, there are still possibilities to make structural adjustments. This saves both budget and development time.

If you are interested in involving Thomas de Gier in your Medlux Project, please let us know as early as possible.

Like to renovate?
Great opportunity to renovate.
ML2181 villa montañar 20
Villa Adelaida
Jávea € 1.900.000
6 5 317 m 2 650 m 2
ML2188 villa granadella 46
Casa Niraj
Jávea € 1.150.000
5 3 308 m 2 1.500 m 2
ML2202 villa piver 13
Villa Aria
Jávea € 699.000
3 2 195 m 2 1.043 m 2