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Because it's worth it



Invest in Jávea, because it’s worth it!

When we were designing the web, they asked us to write a few lines on why it would be good for you to invest in Jávea and a good reason behind that thought. Well, we thought how we could speak about something so important; how could we have something to say that actually could convince you to invest here in Jávea.

The answer is in principle quite easy because it’s worth it!

Investment is about trust in the team and security with very little margin for uncertainty, that’s what we offer you, more than 25 years of experience make the difference.

We do it with a deep understanding of the area, with long-worked know-how, with a great team supporting it, and with our passion for this place, we have seen this place grow over the years and we can happily say that we have been an active part of its growth.

A good reason

Investing in property or business development through the property has always been a very successful adventure in this unique spot of Costa Blanca. The last 25 years that we have been in this business have always shown a positive return and profit over years despite, financial crisis or Pandemics.

It looks like this particular place is immune to national and international worries, as it does not only depend on one national particularly, Jávea receives over 94 nationalities as tourists and future residents. On the other hand, although Jávea is a location that does receive in the summer months a high number of people visiting just for holiday, most of the people have private homes and over the past years we have seen a very important increase of permanent residents here, proof of that is that services like international schools have been growing and both of the international schools in Javea have had to build an extension and new premises to actually hold new pupils from all ages.

The economic engine is now not only based on summer months but also runs through all year round, something that Javea has pursued for many years to happen.

Another good reason

Another good reason that investors have always had in mind is that Jávea was always very respectful with the environment policy regarding building regulations and protection of green areas and natural corridors, therefor the aggressivity of horrible constructions down the coast has not happened here in our village and actually, regulations have been implemented to carry on protecting this wonderful scenery from wild west construction schemes. So Javea has become a very interesting location for high-quality residents and investors.

We did it before

Another good reason to invest in Jávea is that we have done it before you, and we are still doing it constantly for the past 25 years with great success for all our clients and ourselves.
At present we are developing two areas that cover more than 60 plots that are ready to build on two estates called Las Lomas del Rey and Finca Las Viñas where we also have over 25000 Sq M of commercial plots to be developed in the very near future with an incredibly ambitious commercial project ahead.

Real Estate businesses normally only sell, but only a few of us go through investment personally, therefore we have a good reason to provide you with advice to invest or join us in future investment schemes together.
We are entitled to advise you, not only because of our experience but also because of our own structure as investors in the real estate scenario here in Jávea.

You are welcome

You are more than welcome to come and visit, let us introduce you to the possibilities that this place has to offer on a short-medium-long-term return scheme, we will guide your investment in the proper direction, we have in-house lawyers, architects, engineers, project managers, budget control, administration, and multilingual staff ready to work for the projects and for you.

Carlos & Pamela
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