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It wont be easy, but it’ll be worth it


Why Renovate or refurbish a property

That is a good question. Renovate a property and going through the process of Refurbishing a house is not something to take lightly, it’s difficult and you need to be properly advised by a team that has the project under control. Said this, it’s a wonderful perspective for a property development despite the difficulty it has great advantages.
In Medlux Estates we have a great team that actually take care of the project from day one to the key ready final handover, more than 25 years of experience have shown us the secrets, difficulties, and advantages, our teams are well trained, our surveyors, technical staff, in-house specialist have proven that something difficult can be actually developed on a very high professional manner, protecting the interests of investors and owners.

Why renovation?

Because of Time

Time is always a factor that people have in mind, to refurbish a property is faster and quicker than actually build a new one, especially because of the administrative work behind it, paperwork normally takes less time.
Regarding time spend on refurbishment is also a factor to have in mind, normally to refurbish a property can take from 6 to 9 months depending on the integral renovation project and size of the house, a new build can take up to 14 months also depending on many constructive factors.

Understanding from the beginning the importance of a great location is primordial!

Why renovation?

Because of the Location

Javea has not so many nice plots left for new build and areas for development have become more and more restrictive, therefore many old houses back from the 70's and 80's are now on the market with high needs of refurbishment on great locations that would be impossible to buy for new builds.


Why renovation?

Because of the price

Obviously, this is a very wide range of understanding depending on the quality that we are ready to give our future refurbishment, but in general refurbishing and renovating properties is cheaper than building new ones, although new builds have many advantages also.


Why renovation?

Because of the Investment

Buying an old property and refurbishing it, it’s a difficult process and takes some time, but the economic benefits of it make it worth the project despite where you want it as your future home or an investment scheme. If it is for your future home, you will create automatically a high plus Valia for the future if it is for investment your profit is virtually guaranteed in a short-medium financial scheme for a high return that not too many businesses offer our days.

Because they are worth it
Properties Perfect for Renovation
ML2524 villa montgo 04
Villa Alfil
Jávea € 849.999
5 2 414 m 2 1.980 m 2
ML2651 villa costanova 030
Villa Ilya
Jávea € 370.000
3 2 150 m 2 725 m 2
ML2521 villa tosalet 09
Villa Adagny
Jávea € 795.000
7 5 388 m 2 3.001 m 2
ML2260 villa adsubia 03
Villa Julieta
Jávea € 800.000
6 5 584 m 2 1.735 m 2
ML2432 townhouse montanar 14
Casa Napoles
Jávea € 495.000
4 2 197 m 2 197 m 2
ML2734 Villa Maria 01
Villa Maria
Jávea € 790.000
5 3 732 m 2 270 m 2
ML2685 villa adsubia 013
Villa Nadia
Jávea € 1.100.000
8 4 320 m 2 1.045 m 2
ML2812 Villa Montgo 2023 07 11 at 16 04 57
Ca La Terra
Jávea € 399.000
3 2 110 m 2 1.840 m 2
ML2181 villa montañar 20
Villa Adelaida
Jávea € 1.900.000
6 5 317 m 2 650 m 2
ML2566 villa castellans 15
Villa Inar
Jávea € 1.150.000
3 2 282 m 2 2.088 m 2
ML2202 villa piver 13
Villa Aria
Jávea € 699.000
3 2 195 m 2 1.043 m 2
ML2188 villa granadella 46
Casa Niraj
Jávea € 1.150.000
5 3 308 m 2 1.500 m 2