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A voyage that never ends



Gastronomic Adventure

The typical food of Ibiza is not well known beyond the island itself. Something that is not an exception in the Balearic archipelago, since it also happens with the cuisine of Menorca, Formentera, and, perhaps, not so much with that of Mallorca.

With all of them, Ibizan cuisine shares essences, ingredients, and forms of preparation. However, let us not forget that the ancestral isolation, implicit in the islands, entails the development of its own particularities. In the case of Ibiza, these culinary singularities are truly succulent.


Golf in Ibiza

While Ibiza is famous for sun and sand, and wild nightlife, there is more to the beautiful Balearic island and luckily for fun-seeking golfers, If what you are looking for in Ibiza is peace, harmony, beautiful views, and tranquillity, you will find them at golf, for lovers of this exciting sport, for tranquillity or just mother nature.


Natural Treasures

Ibiza’s unique natural environment is also home to other landscapes of great interest. Places like Benimussa Valley and the plain of El Pla de Corona stand out for their rural charm. Apart from their traditional country houses and lush olive groves and vineyards, they are particularly attractive in winter when you can see thousands of almond trees in full bloom, adorning the countryside with delicate white flowers. Another great place to visit is Ses Salines Natural Park. The salt pans and maritime marshes extend across the south of Ibiza and the north of Formentera, and the sea here is home to a large part of the Posidonia oceanica seagrass meadows. These meadows have earned the island its place on the World Heritage biodiversity list. Ibiza’s cultural World Heritage sites are mainly concentrated around the upper part of Eivissa, Dalt Vila, considered the best-preserved coastal fortress in the Mediterranean. The area is perfect for strolling around the small streets and hidden squares. Sa Caleta, the nearby Phoenician settlement, and the necropolis at Puig des Molins also form part of Ibiza’s UNESCO World Heritage assets


Water Sports And Adventures

This area is unique due to the incredible weather conditions and the predominant wind from the East, essential to practice most water sports. Water temperatures range from 18º in May to 26º in August making the island ideal for all sorts of water sports. Put down your mobile, stop giving hearts to what others do, and make the most of the most animated islands in the Mediterranean. Because the most active holidays in Ibiza, the more you enjoy yourself. It’s summer, do you feel it?



Small coves lapped by the intense blue Mediterranean, pine forests that practically embrace the sea, days spent onboard a yacht, sleepy villages full of rural charm, luxury beach clubs, accommodation in paradise-like settings…

Ibiza is a heavenly Mediterranean destination, a place where you can let your hair down and enjoy the laid-back hippy atmosphere of its fashion and street markets, chill out on a Bali bed next to the sea or watch the sunset surrounded by beautiful scenery. Ibiza is so authentic that it can combine the world’s most exciting nightlife with a UNESCO World Heritage town and Biodiversity Reserves.