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Buying a house/villa in Javea?

(This article was written for Dutch people)

Javea, the pearl on the Costa Blanca. A qualification that did not just fall from the sky. What was once a small fishing village has now become one of the most popular places to live for people from all over the world.

We at Medlux Estates were established more than 25 years ago to help people with a dream to buy a house in Javea. Apart from selling an existing house, we have also built villas ourselves in Javea over the years. We know Javea through and through and have seen it all.

But what is happening now is of an exceptional nature. Never before have we seen so many Dutch people wanting to buy a villa in Javea. Be it as a second home or for permanent residence. And another striking fact is that many people under 50 want to buy a villa in Javea. Often even families with children.

Why do so many Dutch buy a house in Javea?

Because we want to respond to the needs of the market, we would like to explain why there is now a trend of Dutch people wanting to buy a villa in Javea.

The current housing market in the Netherlands provides a capital injection

When selling an average terraced house in the Netherlands, the asking price is easily between 350,000 and 425,000 euros. For this amount, you can buy a villa with a swimming pool in Javea. Perhaps for many, a dream comes very close.

Properties are hard to get for young families.

If you want to move out of your starter home, then you quickly run into the problem that you can hardly buy a house in the Netherlands. In Javea, we do not (yet) have that problem. Here you can still choose which villa you want to buy. The choice is huge. Of course, that is not all, because a house costs money and an income is indispensable. The solution lies in working remotely, starting your own business, or finding a job.

Many young people can also work remotely.

Life in Spain is not only relaxed and sunny but also a lot cheaper than in the Netherlands. If you have a Dutch income, you can easily do 30% more with this income. But in the past, the combination of a Dutch income with a residential address in Spain was an impossible one. However, thanks to COVID19 and the new technology, working remotely is no longer a problem. Javea has almost everywhere fiberglass internet and is therefore ideal to work remotely. And if you need to go to the Netherlands every now and then, the airports of Alicante and Valencia are only an hour's drive away.