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Unique living

Medlux Estates

From Concept to Creation

The six pillars of our company


We know this area like the palm of our hand

If you tell us your ideal living environment, we know where to find this. After 25 years we know every view, every tree, every stone..


No hidden surprises thanks to our legal department

Spain and bureaucracy are inextricably linked. But thanks to our legal department, you won't have to lie awake at night.


Our architects are masters of transformation

A dream location with a dated house on it. The perfect combination for our architects. The end result will amaze you.


Building according to northern European standards

Our own construction department guarantees that building is done according to Northern European standards.

Personal touch

The personal touch in all what we do

Our customers are our right to exist. That is why the personal touch is essential to us.


More than 25 years of experience make the difference

Our success has everything to do with many years of experience of our profession in this region.

25 year experience
More than 25 years of experience
Medlux Estates, from concept to creation.

With over 25 years of experience in realising dream homes in the best locations in Javea, comes automatically the great quality and reliability that our customers appreciate so much. And we are proud of it!




Happy clients



ML2697 villa montgo 20
Villa Glabra
Jávea € 775.000
Bedroom 6 Bathroom 4 House Squaremeter 2.317 m 2 Plot Squaremeter 385 m 2
ML2696 villa jesuspobre 02
Villa Cova
Jesus Pobre € 695.000
Bedroom 5 Bathroom 3 House Squaremeter 400 m 2 Plot Squaremeter 2.493 m 2
ML2694 villa balconalmar 10866 1
Villa Preston
Jávea € 475.000
Bedroom 2 Bathroom 2 House Squaremeter 140 m 2 Plot Squaremeter 735 m 2
ML2688 villa laguardia 023
Villa Frourá
Jávea € 565.000
Bedroom 3 Bathroom 2 House Squaremeter 213 m 2 Plot Squaremeter 1.106 m 2
ML2687 villa costanova 020
Villa Amaryl
Jávea € 585.000
Bedroom 4 Bathroom 3 House Squaremeter 220 m 2 Plot Squaremeter 1.007 m 2
ML2686 villa tosalet 05
Vill Arketa
Jávea € 1.200.000
Bedroom 3 Bathroom 3 House Squaremeter 297 m 2 Plot Squaremeter 1.316 m 2